HiT Papillon

When I was at school we constantly discussed the book; we were fascinated by it, including where they kept their money (really? Ewe).  So what about the film? How did the world’s coolest ever actor and Dustin do?

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4 thoughts on “HiT Papillon

  1. Ha! Too funny I just watched this last night and here’s the review. I do love a good. co-inky-dinky. Have to agree with the score of 5. Fun action movie but doubtful historical accuracy.

  2. I suspect someone has already mentioned this but… The English edition of Palillon was translated from the original French by Patrick O’Brian author of the series of books on which Master and Commander was based.

    1. I don’t think I did know that! Though I have the memory of a goldfish so its possible, but if so I am delighted all over again!

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