266 Mary – Bloody or Otherwise

Queen Mary I


After her brave and audacious rebellion, Mary became Queen in 1553. Historians have not been kind to Mary for many centuries. What have they been saying? What are they saying now?

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The Whitechapel Foundry


Whitechapel Bell Foundry is the UK’s oldest continuous manufacturing business and one of its finest cultural and heritage assets. Established in 1570, the foundry is famed across the world, having manufactured Big Ben, the Liberty Bell and Bow Bells amongst many thousands of other bells still in daily use.

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry site was acquired in 2017 for development as a commercial hotel and hospitality venue. UKHBPT and Factum Foundation have produced ‘Saved By The Bell’ a comprehensive report which demonstrates that continuation of foundry work is possible and commercially robust.

To stop the site being developed as a hotel, you can find out more on the UK Historic Preservation Trust website, which will tell you more about how to help. Or you can sign a petition on the Change.org page.




5 thoughts on “266 Mary – Bloody or Otherwise

  1. Hi David,

    Lovely to have you back on my commute! I’ve enjoyed the members’ stuff, but there’s nothing like getting back into the narrative again.

    With very best wishes,


    1. Hi Anthony, and yes it is of course true! It’s goo to have finally found a bit of time, though to be honest until June comes around time won’t be much easier! Enjoy the commute

  2. Hi David,

    I use an app called podcast player to listen to the show, but it hasn’t updated since the episode gold, praise and glory. Just to let you know in case of a problem but keep up the good work.
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Hi David
    Great work as always. I particularly enjoy the episodes where you give an outline of how historians hostile and praiseworthy both have described the particular monarch being examined. It really does help us to chart a course through history, particularly with a monarch so maligned as Bloody Mary (Slightly off topic, is she the only monarch with a drink named after her?) While I see her as a repugnant character, I look forward to gaining a more complete picture of her and those around her.

    Kind regards


    1. Ha! No i can’t think of any other drinks names after monarchs – does suggest a new cocktail bar opportunity! Glad you enjoyed the episode; like so many her reputation has been very much re-evaluated over the last 20 years

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