Intelligent Speech Conference

I am slightly terrified to tell you that I shall be speaking at a day’s conference on 29th June in New York City.

But it will be worth it, because a load of brilliant podcasters will be there. Including, since you ask, Mike Duncan of the History of Rome.

There’ll be a day of podcasters running workshops and questions and so on, and if you want you can stay for supper too. The glittering line up is below, but best is to go to the Intelligent Speech website where you can find out more, and where you can book your tickets if you so desire.

I hope we will see some of you there.


Mike Duncan – The History of Rome and Revolutions
David Crowther – History of England
Roifield Brown – 10 American Presidents
Kevin Stroud – The History of English
Benjamin Jacobs – Wittenberg To Westphalia
Stephen Guerra – The History of Papacy
Erik Fogg – Reconsider
Claude Myron Goozer – The Cannon Ball
Abishai Aziz Al-Doory – The History of Westeros


3 thoughts on “Intelligent Speech Conference

  1. Hi David, This sounds great! I will try to come down from Boston (USA)…unless you are coming here any time soon?

    1. Excellent, that will be great! Sadly I don’t have a trip to Boston planned; I did go there….36 years ago?! So fair enough it should be time for another visit!

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