272 The Spanish Marriage

Philip and Mary

In July 1554 Philip finally landed in England, and all went very well; Mary and Philip were married, and were kind to each other, there was a great pageant of welcome in London. But before long, the courtiers were at each others throats.

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4 thoughts on “272 The Spanish Marriage

  1. Ugggghhhhha….David! After about a year of listening straight through all the HOE podcasts I’ve unfortunately caught up. What am I going to do now that I can’t listen to 5-10 episodes per week? You might have to hire a crack staff to pump out more episodes quicker. Although it will be tough to find people as talented as yourself to keep up the quality. Thank you for getting me through long commutes and (sort of) long runs with your brilliant podcasts. I hope I may even by smarter by now.

    Oh well, on to History of Scotland and the other shedcasts.

    1. Matthew I feel the same way. Being a couple of months new to the podcast, I’m actually at Episode 69 or so, but have simultaneously been listening to the more current episodes dealing with the Tudors. It’s a bit schizophrenic, but I’m enjoying it immensely. My fear is when I can’t do it anymore. Weird, but true. How does one wait a week or two, without something new?

      1. I’m getting my fix on Members Only podcasts but soon that well will dry up…or at least slow to a relative trickly compared to listening every day.

        I’ve discovered other podcasts through David’s recommendations and one or two seem to be nearly as good, but of course will never match HOE.

        Try “When Diplomacy Fails.” It’s great so far, but with something like 8 years of podcasts on that feed it is sometimes overwhelming. That podcaster spends maybe 10-20 episodes on one event so pick one you are interested in and start there.

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