HiT Immortal Beloved

Immortal Beloved

The story of Beethoven’s life and music, through the lens of the mystery he left behind – who was the ‘Immortal Beloved?’ The Music is great, by the way.

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4 thoughts on “HiT Immortal Beloved

  1. Have just binge listened to the HiT podcasts and am really enjoying David and Wolf’s dynamic and the different perspectives they both bring to it. But haven’t been inclined to comment much until this episode where I wanted to defend Wolf..: David – I actually really enjoyed his passionate criticism of the film and thought you got a bit too worried that he was ranting and shut him down too quickly. I wanted to hear more of Wolf’s diatribe! Not an important or serious point but just wanted Wolf to know – I was in your corner on this one!

    1. Thanks for the comment, glad you have enjoyed them. I’ll let Wolf know but…I think he had more than enough time to vent!

      1. Fair enough, though it would be fun to have an end of year special of edits of David and Wolf rants that had to be cut short… Thanks again for these podcasts and the HoE ones, they are a highlight of my week.

  2. I asked Wolf what the next picture would be that he and David would be reviewing. He told me “Immortal Beloved.” With my wife, I spent 5 bucks rental and two hours time watching the movie that selfsame evening. That confusing mish-mash robbed me of my two hours, $5 and nearly my marriage. I hated Wolf for it until I heard his review of the movie this morning. Now I only blame him for understating how bad a movie this is.

    Beethoven may be the silver screen’s least sympathic hero. The story line was confusing and I cared naught for any of the characters, saved for perversely siding with Beethoven’s father and brothers in their brutal encounters with one another, so unappealing (and, frankly baffling) was this Beethoven person. Seriously, the movie left me with little understanding of the man. His unhappy childhood proffered theoretical rationale, but there was never any conviction. I was left with the impression that the man was simply mad.

    I, too, felt roundly frustrated (and even resentful that it was so hard to follow) by the middle of the movie, and only soldiered on to the end because I was anticipating the HiT review. And unlike David, I felt like the transparent effort at the end to salvage the movie with the “Ode” and the starry night scenes failed. It was just too late.

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