307b What makes Nelson Special by Adam Preston


Nelson was an extraordinary mix – described by N A M Rodgers as ‘Vulnerable and weak as a man, Nelson was also a leader of unequalled ardour, courage, generosity and professional genius’. We hear about Nelson’s military genius, and your chance to support a new TV project


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To support Adam’s project to develop a new series on Nelson’s life, please go to the Trafalgar.tv website and register your interest

7 thoughts on “307b What makes Nelson Special by Adam Preston

  1. Thanks again for the opportunity to share my interest in this subject. I often think of Nelson as ‘awesome’ in the original sense of the word- he certainly inspired terror in his enemies!

  2. Great guest episode…very exciting stuff.

    We in America don’t have this kind of Naval history so it is a treat to think about some of the adventures these guys had. We have incredible tales from WWII, of course, but those seem kind of…”familiar” I guess since they were on ships not so different from what we still use today. To think of just steering a huge sailing vessel, let alone fight with one is just mind boggling.

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