HiT Last of the Mohicans


The 1992 film staring Daniel Day Lewis in the adaptation of James Cooper’s novel, set in early colonial America


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3 thoughts on “HiT Last of the Mohicans

  1. Greetings! David & CO.=

    I use this Movie (as I can think of no other) as a reference that indeed a movie can be better than the book! (Much apologies, James. Your abridged edition of the “Deerslayer” however was a favorite of mine when I was a boy- which I read over and over! (“Abridged” is, I believe- to be the magic ingredient in all of this). That said, I have visited many of the places that appear in the book, as I live relatively close by. Have a great day, everyone!


  2. That was fun to listen to. I saw the movie in the theatre, it is very visually stunning with the locations. I live for awhile in Norwich Connecticut right in the heart of Uncas land so kinda have a thing for this movie.

    looking forward to the Intelligent speech conference in April!!!!

    1. Hi William, and hope you are well. And it’s a good point about where you see to – so many films really need to be seen in theatres. and I hope we’ll sere you, digitally at least, in April

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