315a The Trafalgar Way by Adam Preston

After the battle of Trafalgar, the news needed to be brought to London as fast as possible. This is the story of the messenger’s journey

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Trafalgar Squared

If you liked Adam Preston’s episodes for the History of England, you might like to know that Adam has started his won new podcast – Trafalgar Squared.

The Trafalgar Way

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4 thoughts on “315a The Trafalgar Way by Adam Preston

  1. I quite enjoyed this guest guestcast.
    I wanted to offer Mr Preston a merch idea but I don’t do facebook or twitter.
    Imagine: a t-shirt… the outline of a sailing vessel in the background and the fore is “Save the Pickle”. No doubt you’re already on the phone to clue him in. Well, at least this didn’t cost you anything more than a few seconds wasted.
    All the best to you and yours from the south eastern US.

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