The Great Escape


Released in 1963 The Great Escape has got to be one of the definitive tales of derring-do, the ultimate escapism, in the ‘film is fun’ genre. What role would you have had if you had been there?

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4 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. Interesting listening to you guys on this film. I was lucky enough to visit Sagan, site of Stalags III and VIII. It was drama to fictionally execute 50 in a scene, but one interesting fact is that Roger Bushell and Bernard Scheidhauer are memorialized in a monument at the west end of Ramstein AFB runway on the roadside. There is a story about that in After the Battle mag Issue 170.

  2. I was despairing that you wouldn’t mention Chicken Run!! One of my fave Aardman movies, brilliant. I quote it so often. Do watch it again. Tho I do feel badly for eating chicken now and again.

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