Sam & David’s Revolution Q&A


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Sam Hume of Pax Britannica Podcast and I have teamed up for a festival of fun, a jamboree of questions about the English Revolution, in anticipation of a significant event.

Simply place your questions by 14th July on the special online Questions form Sam created  at

Sam and I will discuss, debate and possibly disagree and on 28th July we will produce the results in an all-singing, all-dancing podcast.

What could be funner?

To find out more from Sam, go to his website at Pax Britannica




2 thoughts on “Sam & David’s Revolution Q&A

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve listened to some of Sam’s fine work, and contributed some questions that I hope are worth answering.

    1. We’ve had some great questions, it’s going to be good; I hope we can answer them! I also hope we have your question…slightly nervous now that we’ll miss it somehow, and I’d hate that!

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