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  1. Great stuff, as always!

    For what little it might be worth my answer to the question of the episode (when did Margaret’s toughts turned from Richmond to the crown) would be when the Prince of Towers had disapeared and the idea they were dead gaining widespread credit.

    Realistically, considering how weak the remnants of the Lancastrians had become, I simply can’t see Henry getting the support he needed at home and abroad to make a successfull bid if he couldn’t at least make a credible at being able to get the loyalty of the Edwardian Yorkists. That was obviously not going to happen while Edward V and his brother Richard were presumed to still be alive.

    After the belief in their deaths became widespread tough? Well, then bringing the Edwardians on board by promising to marry Elizabeth of York suddenly become possible and it wasn’t like gaining Richmond again without deposing Richard was a real possibility. Combine that with the fact that, unless I get my timing wrong, Buckingham had been captured already by that stage and Henry Tudor was probably, IMO at least as I might be wrong here, the last claimant who would have been deemed a credible alternative to Richard III based on the political beliefs and atmosphere of the time, and gather his opponents around him.

    In those conditions, short of being willing to stay in exile for good Henry might as well roll the dices and go for the biggest prize. Obviously we can’t know for sure but I’d expect Margaret to have had a similar reasoning.

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