Sea 2 Eustace the Monk and the Angevins - Members Only

eustace_headThe story of Eustace the Monk is interesting both because it shines a light on the Angevin navy, and because it has many parallels with other folk tales such as Robin Hood.


Here are some links you might like to follow to find out more.

  1. The Battle of Sandwich and Eustace the Monk gives a summary of Eustace’s life, and brings together the various sources of the naval battle of Sandwich in 1217.
  2. Essays on subjects connected with the literature, popular superstitions and history of England in the Middle Ages by Thomas Weight (1846) gives a full description on the legend of Eustace the monk (and others like Hereward the Wake) and quotes freely from it.
  3. Eustace the Monk: Introduction is a nice introduction to the poem with some explanation, timeline and translated gobbets.


The Weekly Shanty

There’s Haul Away Joe, a short haul shanty., a song designed to inspire a few short, hard drags on the line. This is sung by a Bristol based band called the Longest Johns and here they are in their kitchen.


2 thoughts on “Sea 2 Eustace the Monk and the Angevins - Members Only

  1. I have heard of Eustace the Monk many times but now feel like I have had a pint with the outrageous devil. I have also listened to sea shanties from Canada’s Maritimes all my life and it is very clear where they come ! Excellent episode.

    1. Thanks! Sea Shanties have the certain appeal of being singable by even the most ordinary voice. which is good for me!

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