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    Any odorous 30 minute tasks fly when listening to this podcast. Really puts you on the ground and allows you to feel what life was like not only for kings andRead More

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    The most impressive podcast I have ever listened to. The sheer amount of information synthesized and presented in a fun, enjoyable format is astounding

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    I’ve loved English history all my life. The podcast has it all: solid research, great storytelling, and the sense humour – and a host with a wonderful voice

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    David Crowther is great fun to listen to and seems to be very credible and unbiased (or at least, aware of his own biases and willing to admit them ifRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 23

    When John had demanded another Marshal son as a hostage, William and Isabel had dithered. They’d dithered a significant dither but in the end decided that the risks dictated thatRead More

    HoS 44 Reformation - Members Only

    Through the Reformation parliament of 1560 and over the following decades, the Reformed Kirk for the most part became part of the Scottish peoples’ pride and identity

    292 The Queen’s Marriage

    What were the issues around marriage for Elizabeth and her subjects? Because as the continuing barney between the two of them would prove, it really mattered to both parties.  Read More

    Transcript for HoS 44

    Last time, the good burgers of Perth had been persuaded that nothing good could come from standing against the Regent, persuaded among others by the protestant Lord James Stewart. TheyRead More

    The History of England Shop

      The History of England Shop returns! Some of you may remember that a shop appeared for a while last year – mugs and shirts. I closed it because of, wellRead More

    Transcript for HoS43

    Now then, in the last few episodes we have danced gaily through the meadow of James V’s reign, frolicked carelessly in the pastures of the early years of the Mary’sRead More

    291 Queen and Court

      How did Elizabethan government work, and what was Elizabeth’s court like? Transcript This week I thought we should have a bit of context, why don’t we? Over the nextRead More

    HoS 42 The Rough Wooing - Members Only

    In the 1540s the betrothal of Mary, daughter of James V and Mary of Guise, to the dauphin of France created a ‘Battle for Britain’, as the battle of religion alsoRead More

    Transcript for HoS 42

    So, I have spent a deal of time on the last 30 years, time to summarise James V’s reign. Two contemporary opinions for you then which demonstrate that the pendulumRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 22

    There was a reason why the expected peace and quiet was not forthcoming – and it wasn’t specifically John pursuing Marshal for personal reasons to be fair, though probably makingRead More

    290 The Religious Settlement

    Elizabeth’s England was awash with expectation – from Mary’s bishops demanding that no change be made to Mary’s church, to a wave of Protestant Marian exiles returning with visions ofRead More

    Marshal 21 Humiliation - Members Only

    In 1203 John”s actions broke the loyalty of his French barons in Normandy and Anjou. And in the new world, Marshal got a taste of what living without the king’sRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 20

    Honestly, I was tempted to tell the story of Richard and Mercardier in front of the castle of Chalus one more time, just so that I could re-use the ‘shallRead More

    Transcript for HoS 41

    Last time we heard that, whatever the consequences, James V was very skilled at inter pocket accounting, using the cash from the Church pocket to support the monarchy. The approachRead More

    289 Elizabeth Regina

    A game of 2 halves this week; the major themes of Elizabeth’s reign and then the Funeral of Mary and Elizabeth’s  coronation . Ooh, and the appointment of Cecil asRead More

    HoS 40 Church and State - Members Only

        The monarchs of Scotland achieved a clever balancing act of maintaining a full blown rennaisance court – with a minimum of taxation. How did they manage it? And atRead More

    Transcript for HoS 40

    In general James successfully re-established the best of laissez faire Scottish monarchy; a light touch on the vast majority of subjects, allowing magnates to exercise authority and justice in theirRead More

    288 Elizabeth I and the Historians

        Transcript Hello everyone and welcome to the History of England Episode 288 Elizabeth I and the Historians. We left Elizabeth passing through Temple Bar, with professions of loveRead More

    Marshal 18 Magnate - Members Only

      With the accession of Richard, Marshal faced an uncertain future at the hands of the man who he’d bested in battle. He waited at Fontvraud to hear his fate.Read More

    Transcript for Marshal 19

    On Richard’s stool of state, It was the Longchamp’s leg that appeared first to be shorter than the others and create a disturbing wobble. As we all know, there isRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 18

      OK onward; remember that HII has popped his clogs, shuffled on this mortal coil, gone to meet his maker and ceased to be. Marshal has gone to meet theRead More

    287 Enter Good Queen Bess

    Transcript Let me take you to London on a January morning in 1559. It’s cold, and there had been a light dusting of snow, and in January London 1559 letRead More

    285 Reformation of Manners

    How far did parish life change in the 16th century, and how far was the Reformation responsible? What did 16th century folk enjoy themselves, and how did that change over the century?  Read More

    Transcript for HoS 39

    Jane Dawson in her book ‘Scotland Re-Formed’, with a hyphen, does a piece on the really very lovely looking ceiling of St Machar’s cathedral in Aberdeen. I have been toRead More

    Transcript for HoS 38

    Last time I left you in 1513, bereft, bereft of the mighty and glorious James IV, dead in the Northumbrian mud, alongside a significant number of his political elite. InRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 16

    But, just as every slivery lining has its cloud, so the reverse is true. The scales were lifted from Young Henry’s eyes. ‘Tell me what to do!’’ he cried. EnterRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 15

    Marshal’s success did not please everyone ‘…as you know this life is blighted by Envy…And men diseased with envy were jealous at seeing the marshal thrive’ To be fair, MarshalRead More

    TTME The Beatles

        Do I need to introduce them? A boy band basically, popular back in the 60-s and early 70s. Can a 4 piece really be part of what makesRead More

    283 Little Commonwealth

    The patriarchy, love and marriage, gender roles and huswifery, the daily grind and a bit about food and clothing. It’s a smorgasbord.   Transcript We have a few times talkedRead More

    Marshal 14 Hubris - Members Only

    William was now a big name on the tournament circuit, and it made him a tidy income. And he indulged himself in more ways than one, and gloried in hisRead More