HiT Zulu

    The 1964 Epic Zulu, first major role for Michael Caine was super popular – I saw it in my youth for sure. So how well has it worn?  Is itRead More

    Margaret 20 A Pious Legacy - Members Only

      Margaret’s personal life and charitable activities were dominated by three priorities – piety, social and moral responsibility, and family, in common with many powerful women of the time. OneRead More

    Transcript for Margaret 21

    Ok, last time we spoke of the political life of Margaret, I believe we celebrated the Betrothal by proxy of Prince Arthur to Katherine of Aragon, a particularly significant marriage;Read More

    Transcript for Margaret 20

    One of the things I suspect people associate with Margaret is a very deep and possibly rather austere piety. There are a couple of things which create this impression bothRead More

    Margaret 19 Magnate - Members Only

      From 1499, Margaret moved her main place of residence to Collyweston in Northamptonshire. Once there, she operated as the king’s agent as a regional magnate, with powers that onRead More

    321 Fin de Siecle

        The final years of Elizabeth’s reign inevitably have the sense of the end of an era; she retreated to her chambers, court was no longer the attraction it hadRead More

    Transcript for Margaret 19

    So, last time we gaily announced to safe arrival in port the Tudor ship of dynasty; I feel it incumbent on me to remind you once more that no oneRead More

    HiT Kingdom of Heaven

    Ridley Scott’s 2005 historical epic came soon after the massive success of Gladiator, and consciously aimed to repeat it’s success. It didn’t manage it, but the Director’s Cut was better received,Read More

    Transcript for Sh 36e

    Well, you and I have arrived at the very last episode of the Constitution and law series; it’s been something of a marathon, has it not, I hope you areRead More

    319 Dearth and Discord

      The last 15-20 years of Elizabeth’s reign have been described as the Golden Age. It’s a description that might have seemed incomprehensible to many of the people that lived throughRead More

    HiT Monty Python

      Monty Python produced two deeply researched dramas analysing the reign of the great British Hero King Arthur, and the religious leader, Brian. How accurate are they, and are we still aRead More

    MB Omnibus 6 EPs 16-18 - Members Only

        After Bosworth, to the victors, the spoils. Yet while with hindsight we might feel Margaret and her lad had reached a safe harbour – that’s not the wayRead More

    Transcript for Sh 36d

    Ok, now we have arrived at the moment when the Enlightenment lights the blue touch paper of Constitutionalism, and the arrival of some of the most famous of constitutions inRead More

    318 The Nine Years’ War

    In Ulster near the end of the 16th century, it appeared that Elizabeth could reply at least on one of her favoured Irish subjects – Hugh O’Neill, Baron of DungannonRead More

    HiT Land and Freedom

      The 1995 film about the Spanish Civil war, directed by Ken Loach and heavily influenced by Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia. The film sees the war through the eyes of anRead More

    Margaret 17 Mother in Law - Members Only

        After the marriage of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII, what sort of role was left for Margaret and how did she fulfill the role of the King’s Mother?Read More

    Transcript for Margaret 18

    Right, over the last couple of episodes we have slipped away from the chronology, so let us for a short while return to it. What have we talked about enRead More

    317 Well Worth a Mass

    Henry IV of France, regarded as one of France’s greatest leaders, looks for way to bring peace and unity to his divided country, while England and Spain trade blows. AndRead More

    316 The Valois Extinguished

      The defeat of the Armada feels in retrospect like a watershed in Elizabeth’s reign; many of her closest advisers and companions died, and for the remainder of her reignRead More

    HiT 49th Parallel

      A 1941 Powell and Pressburger film designed to persuade the American people of the need to join the war against the Nazis. “Goebbels considered himself an expert on propaganda, butRead More

    Transcript for Margaret 17

    On 18th January 1486, the equation of dynasty was completed – Lancaster + York = Tudor. Elizabeth of York and Henry Tudor were joined in holy matrimony, and therefore broughtRead More

    Transcript for Margaret 16

    Right, so it feels that we have reached a sort of watershed in the life of the our hero here. Just as my life can be divided into two distinctRead More

    HiT Peterloo

      The massacre at St Peters Field in 1819 was a key date in the story of the development of democracy in Britain. Mike Leigh’s film sets out to restore that sense ofRead More

    Sh 36c BCL Revolutions - Members Only

    It all comes back to the 17th century really. At the start, a king who believes in the absolute divine right of kings, who calls parliament as he requires. AtRead More

    Transcript for 36c

    Now before I start, I’ve been asked by Christine to make the point that when the Tudors introduced the rule of using only English in courts, it came at aRead More

    HiT The Wind Rises

    The stunning 2013 Japanese animated historical drama by the master, Hayao Miyazaki. The Wind Rises is a biographical film of Jiro Horikoshi (1903–1982), designer of the Mitsubishi A5M fighter aircraft andRead More

    315 God Breathed

      As the Armada sailed serenely up the Channel, the English tried desperately to make some impression before it reached Flanders. But Medina Sidonia had worries of his own… Transcript Ok, soRead More

    Sh 36b King in Parliament - Members Only

    The 14th to 16th centuries saw the increasingly professionalism of Common law, and the embedding of parliament at the centre of government. Jurists claimed that the people were sovereign, thoughRead More

    314 Drake goes Bowling

      The Great Armada was do to sail in 1587; but Elizabeth had other ideas. By in May 1588 the Duke of Medina Sidonia led his fleet of 130 shipsRead More

    Transcript for Sh 36b

    Okally dokally then everyone. Last time, we reached Berkeley Castle in the depths of the night, echoing with the screams of Edward II. English history is such a catalogue ofRead More

    HiT Belle

        The 2013 film directed by Amma Asante tells the story of the daughter of an enslaved African woman and Captain Lindsey, against the background of the Zhong slave shipRead More

    313 England is Ours

      From a desk in a small suite of rooms in El Escorial Philip II ran a vast colonial empire. With France torn by civil war, war against the DutchRead More

    312 My Heart is my Own

      By the mid 1580’s Mary was at her wits’ end – feeling betrayed by her son, 18 years of incarceration, beset by a unsympathetic jailer. She would listen toRead More

    Transcript for Sh 36a

    Okally dokally then everyone. This shedcast owes its existence to a listener called Andrew, and appropriately through the operation of direct democracy, not a concept in which I have muchRead More

    HiT The Private Life of Henry VIII

    The 1933 classic from Alexander Korda which certainly convinced my mother that Henry VIII threw chicken bones around. It was a major international success, in particular for Charles Laughton,  

    MB Omnibus 5 EPs 13-15 - Members Only

      Throughout the reign of Richard III, Margaret sought for ways to unseat the usurper who had acquired the throne of her ancestors and the King in Edward IV withRead More

    Transcript for Margaret 15

    1483 wasn’t exactly a great year for Henry Tudor, any more than it was for his mother. He traipsed mournfully across Normandy and into Brittany to the fair town ofRead More