Transcript for Eleanor 24

    While still in the south, Eleanor was joined by her daughter Joan. Joan essentially had been born under a bad sign, and I find myself drawn to quote Whitesnake, whichRead More

    HiT A Knights Tale

    A romp, ladies and gentlemen. Chaucer walking naked after betting his shirt, peasants jousting as knights, rock music at medieval jousts. A bit of fun or hideous tosh?

    Transcript for Eleanor 23

    The story of Richard and the siege of Chalus has always confused us. I mean no disrespect to Chalus when I say that it is not, strategically speaking, the pivotRead More

    Eleanor 22 Retirement - Members Only

    In 1193 Richard was held hostage by the Holy Roman Emperor. It was up to Eleanor to get him back before John took his kingdom.   Eleanor’s Letters It isRead More

    Transcript for Eleanor 22

    John’s reaction to the news of Richard’s capture was immediate. He went straight to Paris and to Philip. He went straight to Paris, he did not pass go, and heRead More

    Transcript for Eleanor 21

    The council of Nonancourt in 1190 was an assembly of the most important and influential people in Richard’s realm, and their attitude and actions would be utterly critical if RichardRead More

    Eleanor 20 Freedom - Members Only

    In 1189 in Winchester castle, Eleanor saw an entourage approach the gate led by a man from her past – William the Marshal. He had come with news.  

    273 Pope II – The Return

    In 1554, 300 schoolboys of London played out the divisions of their parents on the fields of Finsbury. It was an instructive backdrop to the return of Papal authority inRead More

    Transcript for HoS 37

    The point of a Renaissance Prince was to astound the world with their magnificence, erudition and glory, bringing lustre to themselves, their dynasty and to their people. The world lookedRead More

    Transcript for Eleanor 20

    In 1188, Henry and Philip sat at the Elm tree at Gisors and carried away by mutual enthusiasm, both declared that they would go on Crusade to free Jerusalem onceRead More

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    HiT Made in Dagenham

    The 2010 movie depicts the fight for women’s rights at the Ford Dagenham site in 1968. Loads of fun and laughter all mixed up with serious issues produces a really goodRead More

    272 The Spanish Marriage

    In July 1554 Philip finally landed in England, and all went very well; Mary and Philip were married, and were kind to each other, there was a great pageant ofRead More

    HiT Selma

    The historical drama directed by Ava DuVernay is about personal bravery, about moving, dramatic – and controversial events. Did it tell the story fairly? And did it convey the drama and engageRead More

    HoS 36 The Renaissance Prince - Members Only

    James IV made the tortured finances of royalty work, and kept his demands on parliament low. That his rather irregular methods did not provoke rebellion was due to his politicalRead More

    Transcript for HoS 36

    On 7th August 1503 Edinburgh was buzzing. Nope not the Festival, not yet anyway, no sign of parents dragging reluctant daughters behind them, but there was a festival atmosphere, theRead More

    Transcript for Eleanor 19

    The latest scheme to provide for the plantagenet children was an obsession. I must confess that it is a little difficult to understand why is was quite such a problem;Read More

    Transcript for Eleanor 18

    On the road to Chartres and safety, Eleanor and her household rode hard. But they were being pursued, and they knew it, and hard as they tried their pursuers cameRead More

    271 Most Faithful Subject

    Once Wyatt had been dealt with, Gardiner, Renard,Mary – all could see a greater target in their sights. The surely the Lady Elizabeth had been involved, and here was the chanceRead More

    Eleanor 17 Rebellion - Members Only

    Henry threw a massive party in the Auvergne and afterwards at Limoges. As he left the party, Raymond of Toulouse gave him a grim warning – and the hangover wasRead More

    Transcript for Eleanor 17

    Despite this lack of guntlement, the assembly at Montferrat gathered by Henry was truly magnificent; it included king Alfonso II of Aragorn, and Count Raymond of Toulouse, as well asRead More

    HiT Henry V

    In celebration of St George’s Day, we watched Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V. Was it a triumph of the order of Agincourt’s, or worse than the Duke of Bedford’s haircut?  

    270 Wyatt’s Doom

    Mary faced the biggest challenge to her reign in 1554 as the London Trained Bands, the White Coats, joined Wyatt’s army of Kent. She responded like a Tudor appealing toRead More

    Transcript for Eleanor 16

    I have to say that when I refer to the Devils Brood I thought I was referring to a contemporary quote. In fact I was realise I was not, IRead More

    Transcript for HoS 34

    Writing a couple of decades after King James IV’s death, David Lindsay reflected the opinions of the majority of his contemporaries in his admiration of James as a monarch who had, ‘the glory of all princely governing’ he enthused. ARead More

    Eleanor 15 - Members Only

    Eleanor’s rule in Aquitaine was proving somewhat frustrating when four blokes barged into Canterbury cathedral  

    Transcript for Eleanor 15

    We are in the dead of winter, 29th December 1170, and we are in Canterbury Cathedral. It’s late afternoon, and there is the sound of the chanting of monks asRead More

    269 Scorn and Ill Will

    In 1553, Mary’s real religious policy become clear. More worrying for many was the announcement of her choice of husband Philip of Spain. Some blokes met in a pub to figureRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 7

    Before he got a chance to prove himself though, William would have heard, in 1165, of the death of his father John; it’s odd that the Histoire makes no mentionRead More

    HiT Das Boot

    Not quite sure how many times I have watched Das Boot, but it is legion. A story of the war in one campaign, of the comradeship on board, and the terrorsRead More