285 Reformation of Manners

    How far did parish life change in the 16th century, and how far was the Reformation responsible? What did 16th century folk enjoy themselves, and how did that change over the century?  Read More

    Transcript for HoS 39

    Jane Dawson in her book ‘Scotland Re-Formed’, with a hyphen, does a piece on the really very lovely looking ceiling of St Machar’s cathedral in Aberdeen. I have been toRead More

    Transcript for HoS 38

    Last time I left you in 1513, bereft, bereft of the mighty and glorious James IV, dead in the Northumbrian mud, alongside a significant number of his political elite. InRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 16

    But, just as every slivery lining has its cloud, so the reverse is true. The scales were lifted from Young Henry’s eyes. ‘Tell me what to do!’’ he cried. EnterRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 15

    Marshal’s success did not please everyone ‘…as you know this life is blighted by Envy…And men diseased with envy were jealous at seeing the marshal thrive’ To be fair, MarshalRead More

    TTME The Beatles

        Do I need to introduce them? A boy band basically, popular back in the 60-s and early 70s. Can a 4 piece really be part of what makesRead More

    283 Little Commonwealth

    The patriarchy, love and marriage, gender roles and huswifery, the daily grind and a bit about food and clothing. It’s a smorgasbord.   Transcript We have a few times talkedRead More

    Marshal 14 Hubris - Members Only

    William was now a big name on the tournament circuit, and it made him a tidy income. And he indulged himself in more ways than one, and gloried in hisRead More

    282 Parish and Protest

    The parish was the essential and ever present canvas on which most lives were painted in early modern England. We discuss how it changes, it’s harmonies and the context of protestRead More

    Sh 31f LLASE Going Nuclear - Members Only

    As lords intensified their demands, as pressure on land increased the search was on for more productive ways to farm the land. One impact was the introduction of open field systems andRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 14

    ‘He’s faultless…I don’t know how or where he learned to fight like this, but he knows what he’s about’ So howled the hapless tourneyers at the tournament at Pleurs asRead More

    Transcript for Sh 31f

    Here we are then we have arrived finally at the last of the episodes about life and Landscape in Anglo Saxon England. We have a couple of final big themesRead More

    The History of England Tour

    Come and join me and listeners of the history of England to spend 6 days talking about history stuff and touring round some fabulous historical sites.

    281 Winners and Losers

      The population growth and inflation of the 16th century had different impacts depending on your situation. And the difference was land. Plus we talk about the regions and landscapes ofRead More

    Sh 31e LLASE The Manor - Members Only

      From the 9th century, the need of warfare and resulting taxation drove an ever greater bureaucracy. Meantime trade and population both grew, and towns with it. All these produced profoundRead More

    Transcript for Shedcast 31e

    So, where are we then, in our story. A quick recap. We’ve talked about the changing interpretations of how post Roman Britain began to assume new identities, and began toRead More

    280 The Land was Never So Full

    The start of a suite of 7 episodes about social and economic issues charts the changes in population and how the society it affected described itself. Please help with the HistoryRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 13

    The thing about the melee tournament was that although it might look like a chaotic free for all, there were, like any sport, strategy and tactics. The only tactic HenryRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 12

    In Henry II, the 1173 model, the rebels faced a king at the height of his powers, and also a man well prepared. He may not have known specifically thisRead More

    Transcript for M11

    The focus of William’s attention within the YK’s household and court would of course be the young man himself, but it also connected him powerful and influential people, and powerfulRead More

    Sh 31d LLASE Warland - Members Only

    Away from the Inland estates, the Anglo Saxon peasantry and thegnage often held their lands of ancient right, and the land they held defined their public obligations as well asRead More

    HiT Bajirao Mastani

    An Indian epic of epic proportions – colour, drama,. music, dancing, big stars, big budget – on the story of Maratha Peshwa Bajirao I (1700–1740 AD) and his second wife,Read More

    Transcript for Sh 31d

    Before I started talking about inland farming, prompted by the arrival of residential lords in the form of monasteries and minsters, we’d been talking about early settlements and farms. TheseRead More

    278 The King’s Honour

    The return of the King meant demands for the English to enter a war they did not want, and in which none of their interests were really at stake. Transcript The DukeRead More

    Sh 31c Life on the Inland - Members Only

      The arrival of resident landowners and the ever present danger of economic disaster would change the way many lived their lives and create the system of serfdom so centralRead More

    Transcript for Shedcast 31c

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Shedcast 31c, being the third in the series Life and Landscape in Anglo Saxon England. This week there’s quite a lot of life, not veryRead More

    HiT The Fall of the Roman Empire

    Samuel Bronston’s whopping epic, directed by Anthony Mann, failed to win audiences and was a financial disaster for Bronston. But it presents a well worked view of why Rome fell,Read More

    Marshal Omnibus 3 EPs 8-10 - Members Only

      If William’s career was a landscape, this episode would be taking us into the deepest of valleys. From thrusting young esquire, to the pit of despair. And back? WELL you’llRead More

    Marshal 10 Rescue - Members Only

    William is at a low point. a landless knight, held in captivity, with a hideous leg wound and no bandages. plus, no great value in the ransom market and therefore his futureRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 10

    Well William was in a pretty pickle and make no mistake, bleeding all over the place and set to die. The histoire gives us a passage here that’s all aboutRead More

    Marshal 9 Ambush! - Members Only

    Back home in 1168 with fears of the rest of his life as a dull hearth son, William would instead find his way quickly back into danger

    277 A Firm Hand

      The story of the Marian persecution. And of a Queen’s need to have her Prince at her side to help with the alarms and excursions of protestant rebels. TranscriptRead More

    HiT Immortal Beloved

    The story of Beethoven’s life and music, through the lens of the mystery he left behind – who was the ‘Immortal Beloved?’ The Music is great, by the way.  

    Marshal 8 Expulsion - Members Only

    After a brief moment of glory at Neufchatel William was back on the transfer list, and the life of a Hearth Son was starring back at him. But wait - maybe this tourney at St Jammes would be the thing?