MB Omnibus 5 EPs 13-15 - Members Only

      Throughout the reign of Richard III, Margaret sought for ways to unseat the usurper who had acquired the throne of her ancestors and the King in Edward IV withRead More

    Margaret 14 Rebel - Members Only

      In 1483, someone turned Buckingham’s pretty head, and got him thinking about an even brighter future. Margaret Beaufort and Elizabeth Woodville saw that brighter future too.

    Margaret 13 Murderer - Members Only

    In 1483 Margaret had to decide whether to play with  Richard, or try to destroy him. Especially after the Princes were locked in the Tower…what was she to do aboutRead More

    Margaret 12 Usurpation - Members Only

    The death of Edward IV came as a bit of a shock to England – and to Margaret and her attempts to rehabilitate Henry. But surely, with 2 sons andRead More

    Margaret Omnibus 4 EPs 10-12 - Members Only

      Through the most turbulent times in English politics, Margaret’s hopes fell, rose and fell again until in 1483 her son’s fortunes seemed dangerously threatened by one of the mostRead More

    Margaret 11 Stanley - Members Only

      While Jasper and Henry fled to Brittany, Margaret needed to find herself a husband of suitable status, but also well connected enough to help her protect her son andRead More

    Margaret Omnibus 3 EPs 7-9 - Members Only

      Margaret and Henry Stafford made a home at Woking Palace during a time of changing lifestyles which prompted changes to the great houses. Despite a seemingly happy life, the vicissitudesRead More

    Margaret 8 The Life Domestic - Members Only

    Margaret seems to have fallen on her feet and her marriage from 1458-1471, as far as we can tell, would seem to have been happy and fulfilled, working together onRead More

    Margaret 6 After Towton - Members Only

      Margaret’s marriage to Henry Stafford appears to have started as it would go on – reasonably happily as far as we can tell. But the political chaos of theRead More

    Margaret 5 Widow’s Weeds - Members Only

    Though protected by the walls of Pembroke Castle, the death of Margaret’s husband left her vulnerable – something of a catch on the marriage market. Margaret, probably on the advice andRead More

    Margaret 4 A Short Marriage - Members Only

      Against a background of increasing political turmoil and military violence, Margaret turned 12 and was married in 1455. Despite her tender age, she was soon pregnant as she and EdmundRead More

    HiT Henry V

    In celebration of St George’s Day, we watched Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V. Was it a triumph of the order of Agincourt’s, or worse than the Duke of Bedford’s haircut?  

    195 The History of Europe Part VIII

    15th Century European kingdoms were wracked by internal division as well as international war. By the end of the century, many nations had achieved unity and some degree of internalRead More

    194 The Wars of the Roses

    When to declare the Wars of the Roses all finished and done? There are as many choices as there are for start dates. 1485 and the Battle of Bosworth has beenRead More

    193 The Blood of Innocents

    In 1483, the gates of the Tower of London closed on two innocent and defenceless boys; one, Edward, 12, captured and the other Richard, 10, given up by his mother.Read More

    192 Bosworth

    At last in 1485 Richard got to meet his challenger in person at the Battle of Bosworth – a meeting he needed every bit as much as Henry Tudor.   192Read More

    191 The Reign of Richard III

    Unfortunately for Richard he was never able to simply concentrate of governing the realm; the hangover of his accession, the presence of Henry Tudor abroad – these things constantly tookRead More

    190 Good King Richard?

    Part of the story to counter the propaganda of the Tudors is the view that Richard promised to be an exceptionally good ruler. The brevity of Richard's reign make an assessment difficultRead More

    189 The Most Untrue Creature

    Richard sought to start the reconciliation of the factions in the realm. But despite his triumphant progress through the Kingdom to York, trouble was brewing – including from the most unlikelyRead More

    187a Jane Shore by James Boulton

    Jane Shore lives among the list of the most famous mistresses – along with the likes of Roseamund Clifford, Alice Perrers. Like Alice, Jane lives and loved at the veryRead More

    187 Edward V

    The reign of Edward V is one of the great controversies of English history. This episode is as uncontroversial – just what happened. Then in 2 weeks time – weRead More

    186 The King is Alive!

    It was critical that the heir to the throne, the young Edward, was tutored and governed to be brought up to be a successful king – and so Rivers wasRead More

    185 Edward the King

    The 1470's were a marked contrast to the 1460's; a decade of complete calm, of control and authority. How did Edward do it?  185 Edward the King     EdwardRead More

    184 Edward’s Foreign Glory

    Edward IV fancied himself as a latter day Edward III, and with his love of the Garter tradition on the one hand and his determination to gain revenge for FrenchRead More

    183 The Brothers York

    They had a complicated relationship – Edward, Clarence and Richard; Clarence and Richard had often been left together with Cecily and Margaret while Edward was with his father. In the 1470s,Read More

    181 The 15th C Rural Economy

    We know that the Magnates and peerage made some cutbacks and prettified fewer of their residences – but what of the Gentry, who by and large would have 1 or 2Read More

    180 Lives and Loves of the Gentry

    Through the 15th century the Gentry become firmly established as the real rulers of the localities; and an enterprising part of England's economy. So it seems worth finding out a bit moreRead More

    179 The New Farmers

    After a period of grace, the 15th Century posed serious challenges for Magnates and the rural economy – prices fell, wages rose, Magnates had to cancel parties. But every cloud hasRead More

    178 The 15th C Economy I

    A rest from politics. The population of England remained stagnant or falling throughout 15th century. But that didn't meant there was no opportunity for towns or for commerce. You justRead More

    177 High Noon at Tewkesbury

    Edward's troubles were not over with the victory at Barnet. He still faced two more invasions – the Queen and Prince, and Fauconberg in the South East. It was the final showdownRead More

    176 The Readeption

    In 1470, Henry VIth was released by Warwick from the Tower, and re-established as the rightful king of England. The Usurper Edward IV was banished forever. Sadly for the Lancastrians,Read More

    175 An Unholy Alliance

    In 1470 the spin of the wheel of fortune was dizzying. Warwick had won, lost, won…where it ended nobody knew. But the most extraordinary thing of all was an alliance toRead More

    174 Warwick’s Rubicon

    In 1468, Warwick had a decision to make – as he himself said, 'It is a matter of being either Master or Varlet'.  174 Warwick's Rubicon George Neville, Archbishop ofRead More

    173 Rivers Rising

      There was a new faction at court – the Woodvilles, and they were there en masse. Were they really so bad? Had Edward boobed? And what did Warwick thinkRead More

    172 A Royal Marriage

    The first three years of Edward's reign were spent dealing stamping on the fires of the Lancastrian resistance. But then, he found time for something much more controversial than dis-embowelling,Read More