367 New England

    The colonists that traveled to New England were very different to the Chesapeake, and the society they established also very different. For the indigenous peoples, the shock would be every bit as severe.

    366 The Chesapeake

    Colonisation of the Chesapeake would be driven by its climate and its most successful crop – tobacco, defining the social structure of the colonists and the society they would form, and the impact they would have on the indigenous peoples.

    365 The Hub of Empire

    ‘By what right?’ In this episode we think about how the early English colonisers viewed their Westward Enterprise, and legitimised their activities. And then turn to the region Eric Williams described as ‘The Hub of Empire’. The Caribbean.

    364 Before the English Came

    The 1630’s saw an acceleration of English colonisation in the Americas. What cultures and peoples will they meet when they get there? A horribly brief survey of cultures north of the Rio Grande before the English came.

    Maps: Early Colonial North America

    These maps accompany episodes 364-367. For a comprehensive and detailed map of Native American peoples, you might like to visit the Native Land Digital Map. Native American People of  EasternRead More

    307 All Around the World

    For a couple of years in the mid 1570s Elizabeth nixed proposed exploration projects for fear of Spain. At the same time she was discussing a secret voyage with a selectRead More

    300 Trade and Exploration

      Elizabeth’s reign famously saw England enter the search for new markets with which to trade and explore. In this episode, we focus on trade with West Africa, and John Hawkins’ infamousRead More

    209 Exploration

    Through the 15th century, Portugal explored the African coast in search of the Indies and the fabulous wealth of the trading networks with the East – such as those ofRead More

    141d Christopher Colombus by David McLain

    No excuses really – nothing to do with English History at all. But hey, we enjoyed David's Shakespeare episode, so here's a chance for more!  Columbus  

    The Pilot of Miura by Isaac Meyers

    Hello everyone, this is David here, from what is laughingly being referred to as holiday…although hopefully with the approach of Christmas really will become holiday! I just wanted to sayRead More