342 Spanish Mismatch

      The identity of Mr Wiat’s mysterious traveler is revealed, and London goes potty. Buckingham is confirmed as the Prince’s favourite as well as the king’s – and there’s troubleRead More

    334 Murder!

    In 1615, Ralph Winwood interviewed Gervase Elwes, Lieutenant of the Tower about the suspicious death of Thomas Overbury. Gervase spilled his guts. The Image on the left is Westminster Hall,Read More

    333 Addled

      With Robert Kerr as the royal favourite there were all sorts of intrigues going on at court – and an outrageous love affair. All the while, James’ parliament ofRead More

    222 From Hapsburg to Valois

    The diplomacy of the early 1520s culminated at Pavia, with the ruin of French hopes – and also English as Hapsburg for a while reigned supreme. Domestic politics saw WolseyRead More

    220 Disguisings

    It is in the reign of Henry VIII that we first hear of the ‘masque’ – entertainment that drew from Mummers, Mystery plays, and ‘disguisings’. We talk about Anne andRead More