Hawkwood Omnibus 6 EPs 16-18 - Members Only

    The late 70s and 80s saw Hawkwood move his home from the Romagna to Tuscany, within the orbit of Florence; and despite fighting on a number of campaigns, the relationship with Florence deepened.

    Hawkwood 18 Castagnaro - Members Only

    In 1387 Hawkwood was approached by Giovanni Ubaldini, Padua's military commander, to come and fight against Verona. He agreed, and by March was in the field, facing his enemy by the River Adige near the village of Castagnaro.

    Transcript for Hawkwood 18

    They found ohn Hawkwood in the Romagna, so again well north of Tuscany, and there Giovanni Ubaldini the victor of Brentelles and Italy’s most revered captain of war got downRead More