Maps: 1471

    In 1470, Henry VIth was back on the throne – in what was known as the Readeption. In 1471, Edward IVth landed at Ravenspur to reclaim this throne, while MargaretRead More


    Below are 6 maps that cover the campaigns of 1460 to 1461. These are covered in episodes 169 and 170.     

    Maps: 1455

    A couple of maps here; firstly, key events of the Wars of the Roses with their locations. Secondly, and simple map without the clutter, so you can see all thoseRead More

    Maps: 1100 – 1300 Europe

    Here are maps of continental Europe you might find useful, and links to the relevant blog posts. Below we have: France Spain Germany and the Holy Roman Empire Italy FranceRead More

    Maps, 1225 – 1327

    Gascony   Gascony around 1300. The St Sardos war with Edward II removed most of the saintonge from English control. Scotland     Wales       Ireland   

    Maps: 1000 – 1225

    Maps, 1000 – 1225 – Contents of this web page Maps below include: England in Stephen’s Reign The Regions of France Normandy The Crusades – Outremer in 1140, 1190 andRead More

    Maps: 500 – 1000

    The maps below include: Roman Britain A general map of the people of Britain in the 6th Century The Heparchy – those 7 Anglo Saxon Kingdoms The main English rivers:Read More

    The Burghal Hidage

    Alfred’s Burghs would not just make the life of the Vikings in 892 a misery – they often formed the basis of England’s towns

    The Tribal Hidage

    The Tribal Hidage is a fascinating document; a┬áchance survival that gives us a glimpse of the tribes and proto-kingdoms that formed in the 6th and 7th centuries. There’s a goodRead More