The village of Ewelme

    Ewelme, South Oxfordshire One fine day my son Henry and I set off down the Chiltern scarp to the now out-of-the-way village of Ewelme, and did some video’ing. I blatheredRead More


    A super quick video introduction the lovely Hampshire village of Selborne

    St Bartholomew the Great

    My tale of the Church of St Bartholomew the great. Available in podcast format too, if you become a member ! An Oasis discovered There I was in Smithfield. Frankly itRead More


    Given its size, it’s really rather remarkable what has happened at Fotheringhay. In this lovely stone village with its magnificent perpendicular church across green fields and the River Nene, theRead More

    St Bees

    We arrived at the delightfully named St Bees in Cumbria on the North West coast of England, and we found a load of things; a saint with all the delightful mythsRead More