Regnal Lists: 1270-1500

    England’s point of ┬ácomparison was firmly in Western Europe by the high Middle Ages. And of course through this period, the new power of Burgundy played a critical role inRead More

    Regnal Lists: 1050-1270

    Billy the Conq changed everything of course; and one of those many changes was to bring England into the world of Western Europe; external relations were now more with France,Read More

    Regnal Lists: 870-1050

    After Alfred and his descendants put the Anglo Saxon kingdoms back together as one England, they were very much part of not just the British work, but the northern EuropeanRead More

    Regnal Lists: 650 to 870

    This list covers the final flowering of the community of Anglo Saxon kingdoms, until the point where the Great Heathen Army changed the rules of the game completely. It covers theRead More

    Regnal Lists: To 650

    This list shows each of the Anglo Saxon Kingdoms. It also shows some of the mythology – their legendary predecessors who were normally traced back to a God. And theRead More