219 Cloth of Gold

    Enter Thomas Boleyn, courtier, and the realities of being a courtier. And the field of the cloth of Gold; Henry and Wolsey’s mission to uphold the treaty of universal peace.Read More

    215 Hero of War

    In 1513 there were two English victories. One of them would have a profound effect on English history. The other one was mainly a mad dash in pursuit of aRead More

    211a The Shakespeare Controversy

    Released as a bonus Shedcast a few weeks ago, here’s Eddy McLain’s take on the Shakespeare controversy. For a number of centuries, people celebrated William Shakespeare and his works and talents.Read More

    212 Pleasure and Liberty

    Henry VIII was released by this accession to the courtly, chivalric life of the hunt, and masque, and tournaments. In this he was encouraged by by Council – while his father’s ‘peaceRead More

    210 Bloody Beast

    How Henry has been assessed by historians through the ages, and the controversies of his reign. And assessments of the man himself. The famous Holbein mural was designed to greetRead More

    209 Exploration

    Through the 15th century, Portugal explored the African coast in search of the Indies and the fabulous wealth of the trading networks with the East – such as those ofRead More

    207 The Underworld

    While the young prince Henry built a group of aristocratic companions and longed desperately for the joust, his father drove his hatchet men Dudley and Empson ever further into the darkRead More