165 Bloodshed

In 1455, the quality and nature of the arguments and disputes about the king's fitness to reign and the need to reform the way England was governed changed very significantly.Read More

163 The Cousins’ War

How did previous generations view the Wars of the Roses? What are the interpretations of the Wars of the Roses now? This, and an introduction to some key families, areRead More

162 The Return of York

It's still 1450. Because it was something of an eventful year. Richard of York, sat in Ireland, was worried – his name had been bandied about by Jack Cade andRead More

161 Captain of Kent

1450 was an eventful year. The fall of Suffolk, and now Kent was once again in flames, just as it had been in 1381. This time the leader that emergedRead More

159 From Arras to Tours

Through the late 1430's and early 1440's the situation in Normandy got no better, until a failed expedition convinced Henry and Suffolk that peace was required at any price. AndRead More