180 Lives and Loves of the Gentry

Through the 15th century the Gentry become firmly established as the real rulers of the localities; and an enterprising part of England's economy. So it seems worth finding out a bit moreRead More

179 The New Farmers

After a period of grace, the 15th Century posed serious challenges for Magnates and the rural economy – prices fell, wages rose, Magnates had to cancel parties. But every cloud hasRead More

178 The 15th C Economy I

A rest from politics. The population of England remained stagnant or falling throughout 15th century. But that didn't meant there was no opportunity for towns or for commerce. You justRead More

165 Bloodshed

In 1455, the quality and nature of the arguments and disputes about the king's fitness to reign and the need to reform the way England was governed changed very significantly.Read More

163 The Cousins’ War

How did previous generations view the Wars of the Roses? What are the interpretations of the Wars of the Roses now? This, and an introduction to some key families, areRead More

162 The Return of York

It's still 1450. Because it was something of an eventful year. Richard of York, sat in Ireland, was worried – his name had been bandied about by Jack Cade andRead More