180 Lives and Loves of the Gentry

Through the 15th century the Gentry become firmly established as the real rulers of the localities; and an enterprising part of England's economy. So it seems worth finding out a bit moreRead More

179 The New Farmers

After a period of grace, the 15th Century posed serious challenges for Magnates and the rural economy – prices fell, wages rose, Magnates had to cancel parties. But every cloud hasRead More

159 From Arras to Tours

Through the late 1430's and early 1440's the situation in Normandy got no better, until a failed expedition convinced Henry and Suffolk that peace was required at any price. AndRead More

157 Joan of Arc

In 1428, the English were still sweeping all before them. Then came a figure so famous, that she was selected by Bill and Ted for their history project – andRead More