159 From Arras to Tours

Through the late 1430's and early 1440's the situation in Normandy got no better, until a failed expedition convinced Henry and Suffolk that peace was required at any price. AndRead More

157 Joan of Arc

In 1428, the English were still sweeping all before them. Then came a figure so famous, that she was selected by Bill and Ted for their history project – andRead More


151 The Bridge at Montereau

In 1420, Henry faced an uphill battle again; his negotiations had failed with both Dauphinists and Burgundians, and instead they'd patched it up. So he faced an alliance – Dauphinist,Read More

150 Conquering Hero

 By 1417, Henry had sorted out his support in England, and was able to launch a war of conquest in Normandy. After butchery at Caen, castles and towns fell, andRead More