British Constitution and Law is a series of 5 podcasts which look at the evolution of the guardians of British liberty, if I can speak in an 18th century idiom – the constitution, and the Common law of England and Wales.It discussed how we got to where we are, why, almost uniquely, the constitution has never been codified (though not unwritten) and  whether that is a good or a bad thing. The series looks at development of constitutions across the world, and how they differ from the British.


Reading List for the series

None of the books below were harmed in the making of this programme, but they were all jolly useful

Baker, J H ‘An Introduction to English Legal; History’ : Really pretty detailed coverage for a non lawyer; good to check the odd fact or two.

Colley, Linda ‘The Gun, the Ship and the Pen’ : fascinating book, covering constitutional development across the globe, pointing out the impact of war

Loughlin, M ‘The British Constitution: A Very Short Introduction’ : Brilliant bok, and delightfully short, of the theoretical background

Lyon, A ‘Constitutional History of the United Kingdom’: the knitting – packed with political detail

Oliver,D ed ‘How Constitutions Change’: quite hard work, mor ea monograph than anything; but again fascinating international detail

Jones, C ‘A short History of Parliament’: really a detailed look at the mechanics and operation of parliament more than a general constitutional history

Potter, H ‘Law, Liberty and the Constitution’ : A very enjoyable,. readable book. About common law really rather than Constitution.