At A Gallop Episodes

You will see some episodes in the History of England marked At A Gallop – or AAG Dawn of the Stuart England 1566-1605 for example. These episodes will present a summary of the period, mainly the political events and fewer names. They are there because:

  • Some of you have found the detail a bit hard to follow; these will give you an overview of the period
  • Some of you want to move faster through the period; these episodes will give you the main events

I’ll place the episodes at the start of the given period. you can listen┬ábefore you go into the detailed episodes, or go back and summarise what you have just heard, to clear up any confusion. Or indeed you can just listem to At A Gallop, and just dip into the detailed episodes that particularly interest you.

The world’s your lobster!

Thank you very much indeed to all of you who have given me your thoughts on the At A Gallop idea through the website, email or Facebook; I’ve loved getting all of them, and hopefully the thread will help people enjoy the podcast more!





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