Patreon Roundhead and Cavaliers Quiz

Wrong and Wromantic – or Right and Repulsive? 

We have an image of the typical Roundhead in the Civil Wars of the Three Kingdoms – the typical dour, sober parliamentarian Roundhead, dressed in sombre, black clothes with maybe the odd doily round the neck as a bit of decoration. And the flamboyant, fun-loving and free living Royalist, the Cavalier. So much so that the phrase ‘to be cavalier’ has entered our language. But the people in the civil wars didn’t necessarily lines up on the religious lines to tend to think of – there were other factors at play – family connections, class, history and geography, secular politics.

So here’s a bit of a game for you – a quick fire quiz; can you spot the Roundhead or the Cavalier?

11 thoughts on “Patreon Roundhead and Cavaliers Quiz

  1. That was quite a trial as I royally screwed up many of my rather cavalier guesses. Glad to play, thank you, my liege.

  2. The dresses of women and especially the male outfits and regal bearing of each portrait really flummoxed my pure guess work … oh well … maybe I’ll try again after the episodes drop !
    Great fun !! Mahalo

    1. Quite a lot of them outside the armies were all pretty posh is I suppose the point…which is he burden of John Adamson’s book ‘The Noble Revolt’. Which I have bought, but which turns out to be not much smaller than my house

  3. This was fun. Recognized Cromwell by his UGGS boots. This quiz is similar to one in the New York Times a year or so ago–photographs of the contents of people’s refrigerator from which you were asked to determine whether it was a Democrat or Republican family.

  4. Having shamefully failed to recognise Charles I in question 8 I immediately removed myself from the quiz and am currently residing in the Tower awaiting my fate. I have sat here too long for any good I have been doing.

    1. I officially release you David, with a royal pardon. Charles was getting on a bit and going grey by that time, so he’s probably relieved you failed to recognise him

  5. Well 14/25. I call that a pass. I judged on the clothes which just goes to show you can not judge a man or woman by what they wear.

    1. Ah! The very point of the quiz of course, you have walked straight into my trap! (laughs evily in British)

  6. My Dutch Reformed training led me to select “round head” whenever I saw the color orange. It led me to the correct answer more times than not!

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