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Between 2nd December and 16th we will be walking through the dramatic life of Lady Jane Grey and the events of 1553-1554. We have a bit of a programme, and I hope you will take part. The programme is as follows, in brief:

  • Sunday 2nd – The gathering: the Life of Lady Jane and the events leading up to July 1553
  • Monday 3rd – Sunday 9th: 7 daily podcast on the events of July 1553
  • Sunday 16th – Podcast on the dramatic aftermath; and the poll and quiz open. Plus, Wolf and David review Lady Jane, the film with, you know, a 3 year old Helena Bonham Carter and Carey Elwes. Trevor Nunn. Lots of slush.
  • Sunday 23rd – Reflection with historian Nicola Tallis, prizedraw results
  • Sunday 30th – zzzzzz
  • January 6th – zzzzz
  • January 13th – History of England returns!

Links to the Episodes

I’ll make these links to the episodes as they come live, so you only ever have to come to one page.

264 Rebel Queen 1: Gathering
264a Rebel Queen 2: Proclamation
264b Rebel Queen 3: Rivals
264c Rebel Queen 4: War
264d Rebel Queen 5: Resistance
264e Rebel Queen 6: The Fleet
264f Rebel Queen 7: Regina
264g Rebel Queen 8: The Duke
265 The Lady in the Tower
265a Interview with Nicola Tallis


A Poll and Prizes for everyone

Poll PrizesI will post a poll on 9th, and for a week you can answer a very simple poll question. By so doing if you enter your email I will enter you for the prize draw (I will use the email you provide for no other purpose than getting in touch with you). There are three prizes:


‘The Crown of Blood’ by Nicola Tallis – an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable life of Lady Jane which I used in the making of this programme.

Paper blossoms – Michal recently got in touch; she’s a listener, and she creates paper art. She happened to be making some blossoms using the pages of of The History of England by W.E. Lunt – published in 1928 I believe – so she thought of us. So she offered one of the pieces you can see int he picture as a prize. You can also go to Michal’s Paper Blossoms’ website if you like the idea.

Coin! – A long time ago, Robertson of this parish was lovely enough to offer me some coins. This is the last of them – a George V Thruppenny bit and very nice it is. Thank you Robertson

Quiz and Prizes for members

There must be some privileges for being a member, as well as the extra podcasts, to say thank you for your support. So there’s a quiz for members, and everyone who takes the quiz is entered for the prize draw, for a Mary I and Philip coin.






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  1. Wow there’s alot going on all over the HOE and that’s great. Did the poll come out yesterday? I see dates for the 9th and 16th! On top of all the podcasts I am reading Thomas Cromwell a revolutionary life and wow its deep! Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do.

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