Regnal Lists: 650 to 870

This list covers the final flowering of the community of Anglo Saxon kingdoms, until the point where the Great Heathen Army changed the rules of the game completely. It covers the period of the Mercian hegemony – to its height under Offa, who compared himself with Charlemagne. In continental Europe, the Merovingian rulers of the Franks became effectively puppets – the real ruler was the Steward.In 752 Pepin decided to trear away the veil – and the Carolingians became kings as well as the power behinbd the throne. The greatest of the Carolingians would be Charlemagne.

Regnal Lists 650-870

6 thoughts on “Regnal Lists: 650 to 870

  1. David:

    Your maps are really, really good. It helps a lot for this visual learner from the colonies who still has trouble remember where the towns are on the island as you breeze through them. 🙂 I am truly enjoy the podcast. Well done sir.

  2. Thanks for this, David. I’ve only just started on the quest to learn about all things Medieval (will have to live to a ripe old age to scratch the surface, I think) and this regnal list really helps work out who was what and where. Indeed, as Matt said, well done sir.

    1. thanks – and thanks for becoming a member! Doing these regnal lists is rather therapeutic as it happens. A bit like doing the ironing.

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