Roundhead or Cavalier Quiz for Members

Wrong and Wromantic – or Right and Repulsive? 

We have an image of the typical Roundhead in the Civil Wars of the Three Kingdoms – the typical dour, sober parliamentarian Roundhead, dressed in sombre, black clothes with maybe the odd doily round the neck as a bit of decoration. And the flamboyant, fun-loving and free living Royalist, the Cavalier. So much so that the phrase ‘to be cavalier’ has entered our language. But the people in the civil wars didn’t necessarily lines up on the religious lines to tend to think of – there were other factors at play – family connections, class, history and geography, secular politics.

So here’s a bit of a game for you – a quick fire quiz; can you spot the Roundhead or the Cavalier?


16 thoughts on “Roundhead or Cavalier Quiz for Members

  1. What fun! Laughed out loud when I saw Noddy Holder. Charles and Oliver were the only ones I was somewhat confident about. For the rest I assumed a direct relationship between yards of fabric and loyalism. Results mixed.

    1. Very nicely put! Yards of fabric…yes I guess that’s about the size of it! You’re in the lead at time of writing so you know, your equation obviously leads!

  2. The women were particularly difficult. Most of the men with supercilious expressions turned out to be cavaliers. Barely beat the coin flip.

  3. This was fun, though I barely scraped by with a passing grade. In most cases I went with the if-they-look-dour-they-must-be-a-Roundhead strategy. And though I did ID Chas I, I hadn’t seen that portrait before. How old and sad he looks.

  4. How embarrassing-I didn’t get Charles I, he fooled me with his big black hat not being at a rakish angle. (I confess the only image of him I’m familiar with is “Charles I Hunting” and one pointy chin with wispy facial hair is much like another, at least to me.) At least I pegged Cromwell as a roundhead, though his outfit was very confusing.

  5. Started by assuming that the people who looked like cavaliers were in fact cavaliers. Didn’t work. Then assumed double bluff going on and picked Roundheads who looked like cavaliers and vice versa. Didn’t work either. Then picked up a pathetically small number of points based on actually recognising who they were. Didn’t even get Noddy Holder – who I’m sure would have been a Roundhead (if not an actual Leveller). Great quiz though!

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