Jonathan and I did a bit of brotherly bonding in Hampshire. On impulse, we took a bit of film – on the basis that Selborne is a thoroughly lovely place at which we thought you might like a short gander. Henry then provided the expert video editing, because such is his training and education, and Jane has been in a ‘supportive role.’ The Crowther team commend it unto you. Henry Crowther is available for freelance video editing work at
The video also includes a 19th century gag in the form of a blue plaque. Something for you to interpret.

Gilbert White (1720-1793) was born at the vicarage at Selborne, Hampshire, and the Anglican church, and Selborne’s beauty and natural life would remain the centre of his life to the end. By 1763 he had inherited the family home, the Wakes, and by 1784 became curate at Selborne for the 4th time, remaining so until he died.
Gilbert was a lover of the natural world, is thought of as England’s first ecologist who was part of the developing respect for nature, and as a scientist, minutely observing and recording nature. Even greater – he was a gardener.
His best known work was his Natural History of Selborne, published in 1789. As Paul Foster wrote, it is
“open to everyone, for everyone has observed much of what it describes. Writer and reader each share the inheritance of the natural world, and delight in what is given, so that Selborne becomes an expression of universal thanksgiving, treasured by all.”
Selborne is a very lovey place to visit; there are lovey walks to the location of the old priory, up to the common or around the village. There is an excellent pub in a house from around 1600, the Selborne Arms. The pies were proper and delicious pies, which is rarely the case in pubs these days, and the beer good. Also it’s a place of which the locals have written about for many years, in many forms, and are obviously proud of their village.
Click on the image to play the 3 minute video!

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  1. that was a wonderful video. Good to see you are doing well. The church was very cool. I bet the sound of their singing on Sundays must be amazing with those acoustics!!
    Thank you very much for this.

    1. Hi William, and thanks! It was very off the cuff I must admit which helped, and a very quiet but warm day, so I was able to make it without embarrassment. Nice day out with the brother too – and the pies in the Pub were really good, homemade pies, with good, well kept cask ale. Perfection

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