The Charter of Liberties of Henry II, 1154

Henry feels much more confident of his position than many previous kings – such as Stephen, or Henry I. So his coronation charter contains no great detail, gives away no great concessions – no messing about giving up Forest or anything – bish, bash, bosh!

The Charter of Liberties of Henry II, 1154

Henry, by grace of God king of the English, Duke of the Normans and of the men of Aquitaine, and count of the Angevins, to all his earls, barons, and his faithful subjects, French and English, greetings.

Know that for the honour of God and the Holy church and for the general improvement of the whole realm I have granted, restored, and by my present charter confirmed to God and the holy church and to all earls, barons and all my men, the concessions, gifts, liberties and free customs which king Henry my grandfather gave and granted to them.

Likewise all the evil customs which he abolished and gave up, I give up and allow to be abolished on behalf of myself and of my heirs. Wherefore I will and firmly command that the holy church and all the earls, barons and all my men, have and hold all these gifts, liberties and free customs freely and with immunity, fully, in peace and unimpaired from me and my heirs for themselves and their heirs, as freely, peaceably and fully in all things as king Henry my grandfather  gave and granted to them and confirmed by his charter.

Witness Richard de Lucy at Westminster.

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