The Coronation Oath of King Edgar, 975

The Coronation Oath, or Charter of Liberties as they were often called, defined the meaning of kingship. In Edgar’s time there are three basic commitments; later kings would add a fourth, slightly self-serving promise, to protect the rights of the crown. 

 The Coronation Oath of King Edgar

In the name of the Holy Trinity. I promise three things to the Christian people subject to me:

Firstly, that God’s church and all the Christian people of my dominions will be held in true peace

Secondly, I forbid robbery and all unlawful deeds by all ranks of men.

Thirdly, I promise and command justice and mercy in all judgments, in order that the gracious and merciful lord, who liveth and reigneth, may thereby forgive us all through his everlasting mercy.

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