TTME Magna Carta

    Magna Carta has a reputation as one of the foundational documents in the development of the rights of the individual and in limiting he powers of monarchs. What does it actuallyRead More

    256 The Boy King

    Poor Edward’s reign tends to be ignored, sandwiched as it is. This week we pay it proper respect – what has history had to say of the lad, what were theRead More

    HiT Charge of the Light Brigade

    Director Tony Richardson came from a background of kitchen sink dramas that challenged the accepted social norms. In Charge of the Light Brigade, he brought that same critical eye toRead More

    HiT A Man for all Seasons

    High drama, a man dying for his beliefs, a roll call of brilliant actors – and presented with best picture at the Oscars by Aud herself. Who ask for more (haRead More

    254 Europe X Chaos and Threat

    Our survey of 16th century Europe moves on to the growth of the Ottoman Empire under Suleyman, and the chaos of the French religious wars. Religious division in Europe Here isRead More

    TTME The Longbow

    For a while, from the 13th to 15th centuries, the king of England possessed a military tool that no other nation appeared to be able to imitate. The argument is whether it hadRead More

    HiT Amadeus

    Amadeus combined music, drama, hagiography and a spot of crime mystery. It won 8 awards. Has it stood the test of time, and how faithful to history was it in itsRead More

    Transcript for HoS 26

    Imagine, if you will, that it is 10th February 1306, and we are in Dumfries in Galloway in the south West of Scotland – and so it’s a fair bet,Read More

    Transcript for HoS 25

    Last time, Patrick of Dunbar offered Edward a lifeline – a chance to attack and maybe defeat his enemy on the field of battle before he was forced to runRead More

    Roman Bath Museum Worship

    Discussing what the Roman Baths can tell us about Religious worship in the Roman world, and introducing two of the Roman Baths’ most illustrious characters – the Goddess, Sulis Minerva, andRead More

    HiT Master and Commander

    Master and Commander is a tale of community and belonging, friendship and the ‘failure of fellowship’ on board the good ship surprise. There’s a bit of war, derring do andRead More

    Henry VIII Jumbo Quiz

    Members - enter the quiz, the Members only prize draw - and win the title Defensor Horrei

    Transcript for HoS 24

    In May 1297, a man called William Heselrig was murdered in Clydesdale. Heselrig was one of the many Englishmen called northwards to serve their king; he had been made sheriffRead More

    Some opinions about Henry VIII

    Just a few quotes I have picked up over the last year about Henry VIII. Don’t forget the Henry VIII Poll after the podcast on 15th July. The official oraclesRead More

    TTME Cricket

    The greatest game invented by the human race. An Indian game accidentally invented by the English. A game for heroes. But we are not talking about tiddlywinks here – instead, this weekRead More

    HiT – Zodiac

    Zodiac is a 2007 true crime film directed by David Fincher, and starring Jake Gyllenhall, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey, Jr. It tells the story of the search for the ZodiacRead More

    Roman Bath Museum Day to Day

    The second episode in our series looks at how the Roman Baths operated day to day, the infrastructure and technology, how they were managed, what went on when visitors enteredRead More

    Transcript for Shedcast 29

    Now then, I should start by explaining myself – what on earth do I think I am doing here, producing a Shedcast on a European topic, and such a wideRead More

    History FanGirl Interview

    Hi All A few days ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Stephanie, the original History Fangirl. Stephanie talks to people about their favourite places so I, ofRead More

    Anne Askew, Martyr and Author

    Anne Askew – protestant martyr, renaissance writer, woman who refused to submit to the rules of her day, and innocent victim of vicious Tudor politics.

    251 The End of Days

    In 1546, Gardiner and the religious conservatives moved their sights from Cranmer, to the new darling of the evangelical cause – the Queen. Getting evidence from Anne Askew was the keyRead More

    Transcript for HoS 23

    Last time we ended with the conclusion of the Great Cause, and with the proud inauguration of John Baliol as king of Scots in traditional fashion at Scone. King JohnRead More

    HoS 22 The Great Cause - Members Only

    In 1280 there was no sign of anything other than a bright future for Scotland. But the turn of the wheel of fortune was to bring 70 years of struggle.

    Transcript for HoS 22

    But this week here on the exclusive, secretive and slightly nerdy members podcasts, is not about England it is about Scotland. Or well, is it ladies and gentlemen, is it?Read More

    TTME Dunkirk

    Dunkirk is of course very famous…but what was its impact? It was just the escape from a series of hideous defeats wasn’t it, best forgotten… The Battle of Dunkirk was a military operationRead More

    TTME English Accents

    Are English accents a joy and delight, a sign of rich diversity or irritating and divisive? And what is it about the Midlands that makes everyone think they can ignoreRead More

    TTME Ska

    Roifield presents the proposition that Ska is not just important because it’s the one musical form everyone can dance to.   Hi all…and welcome to Episode 2, where Roifield usesRead More

    Things that made England

    Things that made England is a podcast, an affectionate meandering through the high ways and by ways of England and the English, the country that, despite all temptations, we bothRead More


    The Shedcasts are episodes for my Members of the History of England. The topics will vary over the weeks and months, but I promise will always be topics that fire my enthusiasmRead More

    History of England

    I’ve loved and lived with the story of the history of the English for as long as I can remember. This is my retelling of that story, in a regular,Read More