Sh 31d LLASE Warland - Members Only

    Away from the Inland estates, the Anglo Saxon peasantry and thegnage often held their lands of ancient right, and the land they held defined their public obligations as well asRead More

    HiT Bajirao Mastani

    An Indian epic of epic proportions – colour, drama,. music, dancing, big stars, big budget – on the story of Maratha Peshwa Bajirao I (1700–1740 AD) and his second wife,Read More

    Transcript for Sh 31d

    Before I started talking about inland farming, prompted by the arrival of residential lords in the form of monasteries and minsters, we’d been talking about early settlements and farms. TheseRead More

    278 The King’s Honour

    The return of the King meant demands for the English to enter a war they did not want, and in which none of their interests were really at stake. Transcript The DukeRead More

    Sh 31c Life on the Inland - Members Only

      The arrival of resident landowners and the ever present danger of economic disaster would change the way many lived their lives and create the system of serfdom so centralRead More

    Transcript for Shedcast 31c

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Shedcast 31c, being the third in the series Life and Landscape in Anglo Saxon England. This week there’s quite a lot of life, not veryRead More

    HiT The Fall of the Roman Empire

    Samuel Bronston’s whopping epic, directed by Anthony Mann, failed to win audiences and was a financial disaster for Bronston. But it presents a well worked view of why Rome fell,Read More

    Marshal Omnibus 3 EPs 8-10 - Members Only

      If William’s career was a landscape, this episode would be taking us into the deepest of valleys. From thrusting young esquire, to the pit of despair. And back? WELL you’llRead More

    Marshal 10 Rescue - Members Only

    William is at a low point. a landless knight, held in captivity, with a hideous leg wound and no bandages. plus, no great value in the ransom market and therefore his futureRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 10

    Well William was in a pretty pickle and make no mistake, bleeding all over the place and set to die. The histoire gives us a passage here that’s all aboutRead More

    Marshal 9 Ambush! - Members Only

    Back home in 1168 with fears of the rest of his life as a dull hearth son, William would instead find his way quickly back into danger

    277 A Firm Hand

      The story of the Marian persecution. And of a Queen’s need to have her Prince at her side to help with the alarms and excursions of protestant rebels. TranscriptRead More

    HiT Immortal Beloved

    The story of Beethoven’s life and music, through the lens of the mystery he left behind – who was the ‘Immortal Beloved?’ The Music is great, by the way.  

    Marshal 8 Expulsion - Members Only

    After a brief moment of glory at Neufchatel William was back on the transfer list, and the life of a Hearth Son was starring back at him. But wait - maybe this tourney at St Jammes would be the thing?

    276 The Reformation of England

    The plan was that 1555 saw the transformation of England – the birth of an heir for Mary and Philip, the launch of a new Reformation Anglicae to re-invigorate Roman CatholicismRead More

    Sh 31b LLASE Life on the Scir - Members Only

    New petty kingdoms and lordships, scirs, began to form around tribal groups and identities, and then to consolidate into Anglo Saxons kingdoms we will  begin to recognise. How were those scirsRead More

    Transcript for Marshal 8

    So, Guillaume le Marechal. By ‘eck lads and lasses, I have almost forgotten who William the marshal is. So, super quick recap then. William left home travelled for his apprenticeshipRead More

    Transcript for Sh 31b

    Now, I mentioned that the Romano British had developed a society where civil and military roles were separated, a tradition which unsurprisingly changed as the Roman administration left; So, ofRead More

    Sh 31a LLASE – Settlers - Members Only

    A new series – Life and Landscape in Anglo Saxon England. In this episode, the Anglo Saxon settlement, and early settlements in South Oxfordshire          

    HiT Paths of Glory

    Paths of Glory is an anti war movie released in 1957, directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Kirk Douglas. Who does take his shirt off. It’s based a novel butRead More

    Transcript & slides for Sh 31a

    Click on the link to access slides mentioned in the episode Shedcast 31a Settlers – slides Transcript Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new minis-series of shedcasts – IRead More

    Eleanor Omnibus 6 EPs 20-24 - Members Only

    The last 15 years of Eleanor’s life saw her more able than ever to exercise influence and even to see her daughters; but retirement to Fontevraud was constantly interrupted. TellRead More

    275 The Time of Trial

    Once Pole had returned and parliament had re-enacted the heresy legislation after the brief Edwardian holiday, the Marian church could at last exercise the full force of the law against protestants. JohnRead More

    Transcript for Eleanor 24

    While still in the south, Eleanor was joined by her daughter Joan. Joan essentially had been born under a bad sign, and I find myself drawn to quote Whitesnake, whichRead More

    HiT A Knights Tale

    A romp, ladies and gentlemen. Chaucer walking naked after betting his shirt, peasants jousting as knights, rock music at medieval jousts. A bit of fun or hideous tosh?

    Transcript for Eleanor 23

    The story of Richard and the siege of Chalus has always confused us. I mean no disrespect to Chalus when I say that it is not, strategically speaking, the pivotRead More

    Eleanor 22 Retirement - Members Only

    In 1193 Richard was held hostage by the Holy Roman Emperor. It was up to Eleanor to get him back before John took his kingdom.   Eleanor’s Letters It isRead More

    Transcript for Eleanor 22

    John’s reaction to the news of Richard’s capture was immediate. He went straight to Paris and to Philip. He went straight to Paris, he did not pass go, and heRead More

    Transcript for Eleanor 21

    The council of Nonancourt in 1190 was an assembly of the most important and influential people in Richard’s realm, and their attitude and actions would be utterly critical if RichardRead More

    Eleanor 20 Freedom - Members Only

    In 1189 in Winchester castle, Eleanor saw an entourage approach the gate led by a man from her past – William the Marshal. He had come with news.  

    273 Pope II – The Return

    In 1554, 300 schoolboys of London played out the divisions of their parents on the fields of Finsbury. It was an instructive backdrop to the return of Papal authority inRead More

    Transcript for HoS 37

    The point of a Renaissance Prince was to astound the world with their magnificence, erudition and glory, bringing lustre to themselves, their dynasty and to their people. The world lookedRead More

    Transcript for Eleanor 20

    In 1188, Henry and Philip sat at the Elm tree at Gisors and carried away by mutual enthusiasm, both declared that they would go on Crusade to free Jerusalem onceRead More

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    HiT Made in Dagenham

    The 2010 movie depicts the fight for women’s rights at the Ford Dagenham site in 1968. Loads of fun and laughter all mixed up with serious issues produces a really goodRead More

    272 The Spanish Marriage

    In July 1554 Philip finally landed in England, and all went very well; Mary and Philip were married, and were kind to each other, there was a great pageant ofRead More

    HiT Selma

    The historical drama directed by Ava DuVernay is about personal bravery, about moving, dramatic – and controversial events. Did it tell the story fairly? And did it convey the drama and engageRead More

    HoS 36 The Renaissance Prince - Members Only

    James IV made the tortured finances of royalty work, and kept his demands on parliament low. That his rather irregular methods did not provoke rebellion was due to his politicalRead More

    Transcript for HoS 36

    On 7th August 1503 Edinburgh was buzzing. Nope not the Festival, not yet anyway, no sign of parents dragging reluctant daughters behind them, but there was a festival atmosphere, theRead More

    Transcript for Eleanor 19

    The latest scheme to provide for the plantagenet children was an obsession. I must confess that it is a little difficult to understand why is was quite such a problem;Read More

    Transcript for Eleanor 18

    On the road to Chartres and safety, Eleanor and her household rode hard. But they were being pursued, and they knew it, and hard as they tried their pursuers cameRead More