160 The Fall of Suffolk and Normandy

B Formignyy 1445, William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk was clearly Henry's most trusted adviser. He faced a difficult task – to steer a bankrupt nation into the harbor of peace. Avoiding the ship of France trying to sink her on the way in. Would they make it? 


160 The Fall of Suffolk and Normandy


 In this episode we are lucky enough to have another Weekly Word from Kevin Stroud, author of the History of English Podcast. If you like it, why not go the whole hog, and visit his website, The History of English Podcast.

Also you might want to look at the rather touching letter from William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk to his eight year old son, John. – it's on the website here


4 thoughts on “160 The Fall of Suffolk and Normandy

  1. When the new podcast on the Anglo Saxons is available, should we expect to read about it here and/or hear about it in the podcast?

  2. Ah!
    Was it this episode, or the one previous, where you first mention Richard Neville?
    I’m pretty sure – there is a very long family history of this, so it seems reasonable to me – that my family on my mother’s side is descended from Richard Neville, the (eventually) 16’th Earl of Warwick, AKA “The Kingmaker”!

    From what i’ve read, he was a major asshole, but extremely competent (in many things) and full of energy!

    Family still names males “Richard” or “Neville” at least once per generation in the family.

    I don’t recall what child of his we claim descent from, or even if it was a legitimate or illegitimate child of his, and obviously at this distance of time there is very little we know about his life in general, but I think that just knowing such a thing is incredibly interesting, knowing one of your ancestors had such a massive role in shaping history.

    Of course, there are bazillions of people who claim (or have) descent from mega-rapists or harem-having people like Genghis, various eastern leaders with harems (which btw, sounds like a wonderful place to have except 2 things… one is that again and again we hear of leaders who either came to a bad situation because of harem intrigue, or ones who totally neglected their leadership role because they were busy in the harem…)

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