Podcasting is so much fun that I have been rather breeding them, so here is a brief guide. You may select the series you want from the drop down, or go to their homepages from the links here.

If you are a member, you might want to visit the Members’ Homepage  for a summary of what’s available, and other links.

History of England (free to all): The original history of England, without adverts, and including all the guest episodes. Members can access this on though membership.

History of Scotland (Members):  From the dawn of time!

Britain and the Sea (Members): the start of a series about the development of England and Britain’s naval history. Plus shanties.

Shedcasts (members): these are the heart of the Members’ feed. A whole load of topics, historiography, biographies. Also you can filter by some subseries:

Extended Biographies (Members): There are several series available: Eleanor of Aquitaine, William Marshal, Margaret Beaufort, John Hawkwood and Margaret Cavendish

History in Technicolour (Free to All): Wolf and I talk through history films that have caught our attention!

Anglo Saxon England (Free to all): An update on the series I did for members on Anglo Saxon rural society from 5th – 11th centuries.