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  1. Help. I cannot access any podcasts since episode 244. I have no idea what to do. I’ve tried downloading them from scratch but it. doesn’t work, what di I do?

    1. Kris I assume you are talking about the free History of England? Could you tell me what podcatcher you are using? They seem to be still downloading from iTunes for example.

      1. Hi David, thanks for coming back to me. I’m using ITunes on a desktop but I keep getting a message on my computer saying there is an unknown error Ox80090318 and I should check the URL.

        I’ve been a regular listener since episode 1 and I was OK until Henry decided to chop Catherine Howard’s head off, when it all went wrong! I deleted my feed and started again, but it hasn’t helped. I can listen direct on my iPhone, but I want to use an Ipod in bed at night!
        Has there been a URL feed change?Kris T

  2. David, I am having similar problems to Kris. If I go to Itunes, History of England comes up with “subcribe” though all the free podcasts are shown for download. In my podcaster it shows the same History of England “subscribed” and the free podcast I down loaded and my podcaster will proceed to the next free podcast when I complete the one I downloaded. But I can’t seem to get to the shedcasts other than on my macAir computer. Ideas?

    Martin (Vashon Island, USA)

    1. Hi Martin – trouble is I can’t recreate the problem. I can only make two suggestions; firstly, delete any history of England completely, close down your device, restart it and start from scratch- the old turn it off and turn it on again., Secondly, I will post your comment on the Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/groups/314746805305339/ and see if anyone else can help…sorry top be so useless/

  3. David, the Shedcast on Religious Conflict and Tolerance was excellent and very informative. However, a 100 minute programme was a bit of a marathon. Could I suggest that two fifty minute episodes would have been better. Please keep up the good work. Kind regards Roy Pembroke

    1. Hi Roy, and thanks for the feedback. It’s really tricky., I instinctively agree with you, but another comments I’ve had suggested the opposite. But in future I think I’ll keep cutting them up into chunks.

  4. I am having the same problem as Kris and Bakerm. I am using Podcast Republic on an Android device. I have tried removing the free History of England podcast from my feed and restarting, but I have stopped short of clearing the data for the app since that would eliminate the downloads and history for all of my other feeds. Instead, I tried downloading a different app (Castbox) and subscribing through that app. Unfortunately, I had the exact same problem. The only way I can listen at this point is through the website.

    1. Hi Anthony; have you been able to download the podcast in the past? I will ask AScast, but my problem is that when I do it on my phone (iphone) it works fine, so I can’t recreate the problem. But as you say you are not alone. I’ll see if Acast can help.

      1. Yes, I believe the last one I was able to download was 250 (Catherine and Anne). I tried both downloading and streaming, and receive an error on both.

  5. Hello David
    Thank you for the great job you are doing with the podcast. I listen to your podcast at work and it has been a brain saver ! ( and no I’m not Fudgelling) Your pod cast is a nice change from listening to all the billingsgate that pour out from the boom-boxes scattered about the job site.
    Cheers Merwin Haight

    1. Thanks Merwin, and delighted you picked up on the fudgeling! Glad you are enjoying it, and thanks so much for taking the trouble to send me a nice compliment, it has made my day. Good luck battling the boom boxes!

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