Margaret Beaufort had a life a remarkable life. Coming from one of the grandest and well-connected families of the 15th century, she found her life turned upside down by her father’s suicide and Wars of the Roses.

She gave birth to her first and only child at a brutally young age – 13 would you believe. Her child had that most dangerous component, royal blood; and because of that she had to negotiate a dangerous path through the Wars of the Roses, to the potentially deadly arrival of Richard III, who saw her son as his most dangerous rival.

At the conclusion of the civil wars, Margaret was finally able to express herself freely, and built a lasting legacy with the reputation of her piety and her educational endowments.

But her life is controversial too; her relentless espousal of her son’s fortunes led her into treason, she acquired a reputation for the ruthless pursuit of her property rights and personal wealth;  and she has even been accused of murdering the Princes in the Tower. This is the story of her life, told in 12-15 minute episodes, with a regular omnibus editions.