173 Rivers Rising

Kingmaker 17C


There was a new faction at court – the Woodvilles, and they were there en masse. Were they really so bad? Had Edward boobed? And what did Warwick think – what would he do? 

173 Rivers Rising



Kingmaker 19th c

3 thoughts on “173 Rivers Rising

  1. David, I never understood why the Rivers’ children were considered such parvenues, given that their mother was from the House of Luxembourg. This seems to happen a lot, where people of aristocratic birth are considered “commoners” and beneath the nobility because they don’t have a title.

  2. Hi Liam…it seems that it’s because the female wasn’t really considered that relevant – it was the male line that mattered. It is rather remarkable though, and amazing how shallow the gene pool for the nobility was.

  3. David, I’m on my second time through your podcast because I can’t remember it all and it is such a good story. You couldn’t write a novel as good as the true story of England.

    I must have missed it the first time through, but your description of the beauty of the ideal 21st Century Middle-aged man in a French accent was pure gold. “Buttocks like ferrets fighting in a sack.” You just can’t get that kind of verbal imagery in a run of the mill podcast. Thank you.

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