184 Edward’s Foreign Glory

Edward IV fancied himself as a latter day Edward III, and with his love of the Garter tradition on the one hand and his determination to gain revenge for French support for Lancaster, a European adventure looked on the cards. 

184 Edward's Foreign Glory


 The House of Burgundy

Here's the promised map…

Burgundy 15th C

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2 thoughts on “184 Edward’s Foreign Glory

  1. Another outstanding episode. Truly exemplary of your brilliant writing abilities. Thank you for giving Louis XI his due as a great statesman. Regrettably, his agenda included working for a weaker and more divided England, which is not very nice. I cannot fault any Englishman for cursing his very name. Understandable.

    But when it comes to pursuing French interests, there’s a strong case to be made that Louis XI was the greatest king France ever had. His suppression of baronial rights brought relative peace and prosperity to France. His cancellation of tournaments and grand ceremonies professionalized government and reduced expenditures. Walter Scott groused that the Spider King “killed chivalry,” but what Scott saw as a bug, we can safely see as a feature.

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