202 Scotland, Cornwall and Warbeck

The travels of Perkin Warbeck take him to Scotland, marriage and war; which leads to taxes, which leads to rebellion. T’was ever thus.

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Whether Perkin was an imposter and pretender  as Henry VII claimed and to which Perkin apparently confessed, is probably unknowable, at least definitively; and not being a lover of conspiracy theories I am sorry to say that I have followed the party line. But of course for honesty’s sake, I should at least note that no one appears to be able to find any record of Perkin before the age of nine; and we have only the Tudor line to rely on.

The story of his marriage to Lady Catherine Gordon is rather remarkable, or at least I would be very interested to get inside their heads to find out how they viewed the marriage. Did Perkin’s conscience continually prick him at the deceit, if indeed he was an imposter? Did Catherine believe Perkin, or was she forced into a marriage for political reasons? We’ll never know – but there’s a brief article I’ve written here:

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  1. This is the best podcast series of all. The host, David Crowther, presents detailed information and thoughtful interpretation combined with a gentle sense of humor, some self-deprecation and overall love of the subject. How can anyone resist a podcast who calls his audience “gentle listeners” and speaks as if he is talking to you one-on-one in your living room? So enjoyable that I’ve listened to all episodes twice and with he would post more frequently. I’m also a “member” of his Shedcasts which is well worth the subscription fee.

  2. Carlin Lockee you should check out Mike Duncan, the grandad of history podcasts. I don’t think David would begrudge this suggestion.

    1. I would not begrudge it at all! Dan Carlin is very popular, and even older in Podcasting than I am

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