HiT Master and Commander

Master and CommanderMaster and Commander is a tale of community and belonging, friendship and the ‘failure of fellowship’ on board the good ship surprise. There’s a bit of war, derring do and trickery too. But is it any good? Does it tell an accurate story of its time?

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A couple of clips

Here’s a clip from You Tube of the Don’t Forget your old Shipsmates fo’c’sle song, properly sung!

and here’s that piece of music by Boccherini, and a short clip that gives a good impression of the feel of the film and the central relationship.

Views of Master and Commander

Roger Ebert, who I understand has written the odd review here and there, wrote of the film:

“Master and Commander” is grand and glorious, and touching in its attention to its characters. Like the work of David Lean, it achieves the epic without losing sight of the human, and to see it is to be reminded of the way great action movies can rouse and exhilarate us, can affirm life instead of simply dramatizing its destruction”.

You can see the full review here at RogerEbert.com – he gave it 4 stars.

And those ranking websites we love so much? Here’s a table including our score…though, so as not to destroy the tension, our scores for Master and Commander excluded just for the moment.

Score comparison



6 thoughts on “HiT Master and Commander

  1. Ah, Master and Commander! One of a handful of movies I’ve actually bought on DVD to watch over and over (along with the up-coming ones for discussion on the podcast Amadeus and Man For All Seasons). Such films wonderfully transport me to the times, for all the scrupulous and exquisite historic detail, outstanding scripts and memorable acting.
    Your partner in the podcast seems to have very different tastes. I may end up listening only when it’s “your turn” to pick the film.

    1. Scrupulous and exquisite detail is quite right David! I absolutely love that about all those films – though as you’ll hear, it’s probably least strong in a way for a Man for All Seasons. I have to say I am loving having the debates with Wolf; it is brilliant to have another perspective, it refreshes my enjoyment of films which are old friends to me. Anyway, happy watching!

    1. Yes, me too! I also love visting those old ships – I have of course done Victory in Portsmouth. That link looks great.

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