HiT The Fall of the Roman Empire


Samuel Bronston’s whopping epic, directed by Anthony Mann, failed to win audiences and was a financial disaster for Bronston. But it presents a well worked view of why Rome fell, and some great performances by James Mason and Christopher Plummer.

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4 thoughts on “HiT The Fall of the Roman Empire

  1. I agree that “I, Claudius” is a great book and even better TV series, but another fascinating collection of historical fiction about Roman history is the series of books written by Colleen McCullough, starting with “The First Man in Rome”.

    1. Yes, true, I loved those books. Although a I remember, I began to get overload; not sure I got to the end of them.

  2. The ‘I Claudius’ books by are great. They really bring the period alive. Can I also recommend ‘Julian’ by Gore Vidal. A work about the fourth century Roman Emeror who tried to stem the rise and spread of Christianity. I think it is Vidal’s finest historical novel…

    1. I love that book! Funnily enough I never got on much with anything else he did, but that I loved. Definitely on my list of top 10 historical novels

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