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The History of England Shop returns!
Some of you may remember that a shop appeared for a while last year – mugs and shirts. I closed it because of, well you know. Anyway. I have re-opened it because we have a new product! Yay!

These are the delightfully named Listories of England. They are charts showing the rulers in England at various times, with those of their contemporaries in other countries or kingdoms. There are 3:

  • Early Anglo Saxon England
  • Late Anglo Saxon England
  • Early Modern (1485-1707)

I’ve not covered 1066-1485 yet, but if you like them and want me to fill the gap I will do so.

And there are of course the Mugs and Shirts!

You can follow the link, or go to the menu on the home page where you’ll find the Shop as one of the menu options

3 thoughts on “The History of England Shop

  1. Hello David
    I’m trying to figure out who Jane de la pool ( Mansel) was her father Was Thomas de la pool but not the THE Thomas as he had no issue – would you have any knowledge of her? Thanks

  2. Hi, David,
    Love the chart! Great colors and really helps me picture who the players are at any one time. Please add my vote to create the 1066-1485 segment when you have a spare chunk of time. I’ve just the right amount of wall space to fill 🙂

    Applause and thanks,

    1. Excellent – did you buy one? I am very nervous about them I must admit, so I love it that you love them. And vote received!

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