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Monty Python produced two deeply researched dramas analysing the reign of the great British Hero King Arthur, and the religious leader, Brian. How accurate are they, and are we still a Python worshiping country?

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Are we still a Python worshiping country? 

The discussion on Not the Nine O’Clock News remains highly relevant…


The Life of Brian debate

The film prompted a deal of debate. Including this delightfully absurd debate, with Malcolm Muggeridge…Malc’s phrases ‘this squalid little number’ and ’10th rate film’ haven’t aged well!



10 thoughts on “HiT Monty Python

  1. lol, so today we get a look into Monty Python (lord those coconuts…) and a members only entiltled “enlightenment and radicalism”. I sense a merging of the podcasts, HA…
    Great work as always!!!!

  2. It was absolutely joyous to listen to the laughter!! The only thing missing was “your mothers a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries” 🙂 Thank you so much for doing this episode, truly fab.

  3. loved this episode… I have never watched the Life of Brian as I only heard all the “bad press” and as a Christian I thought I should avoid it… However I laughed and laughed along with you guys today, (and my adult son has highly recommended it, and he’s a devout fellow) – so I’m going to give it a go. All the laughter in this program has had me smiling all morning… a treasure – thanks for posting.

    1. I hate to blow the surprise, but Jesus is the only character that the film takes seriously. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Great to hear you laughing so much and so hard (but the Pythons are really funny). I was introduced to them in college by a fellow student who recited the Parrot Sketch, and I was weeping with laughter by the time he finished.
    The episode had the best effect possible: I said to myself that I needed to get DVDs of both films. Thanks so much to you and Wolf for doing it.

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