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The Duellists is Ridley Scott’s first feature film, in 1977. It describes a vicious feud of honour between two officers over the course of the Napoleonic wars

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  1. Up for a suggestion or two? If you can’t get enough of Keith Carradine, check out Walter Hill’s The Long Riders a telling of the story of the James gang starring Keith along with his brothers David and Robert… the Keach brothers and the Quaid brothers (and the Guest brothers) playing the gang and the other relations and neighbours. There’s even a mouchoir (sp?) duel.
    And while I’m here, I’d also like to see you guys do John Sayles’ Matewan and of course, Richard Lester’s Three and Four Musketeers.

    1. We are! Both good suggestions…though I don’t think on the evidence of The Duellists that I’ll be searching out Keith!

  2. So I remember seeing this movie with my Mom as a teenager when it was released and I recollect my Mom LOVED it, but I was a bit confused by it. Lol
    I rewatched it and have to say I did love most of it.
    The good: the incredible costumes. The uniforms were spectacular!
    The cinematography was excellent. The ambience was conveyed effectively and I truly felt i was in 19th century France.
    The direction by Ridley Scott was awesome , but then I adore his work. I enjoyed the shots of nature and the camera angles were interesting.
    The bad: oh dear…the narration was yucky. Keith Carradine was pretty wooden and YES! his haircut was straight outta the 70s. I think it was the same style Like Skywalker had…

    Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys atmospheric, historical movies like Barry Lyndon or Dangerous Liason.
    Harvey Keith is magnificent in everything he does and this was no exception.
    I think the plot was plausible if you look at the class differences. D’Hubert had money and came from the upper class. That is why he didn’t want to marry the “camp follower”. And he “arrested” Feruand in the salon of a lovely female that Feruand was interested in; embarrassing Feruand. Feruand’s MALE EGO was damaged and the only way to assuage the injured male ego is to fight.
    Loved it! Love you guys!
    Thanks from Colorado USA

    1. |Rochelle, I think we might have loved and hated exactly the same things! I did love the evocation of 19th century France, and did learn about the MADNESS of the honour and duelling code. Thanls for your thoughts!

  3. This reminds me of Happy Days, another 1970s show, where the young men’s haircuts were more 1970s than 1950s. Maybe what distinguishes 1970s historical film is a historical haircuts on men. Remember that Star Wars was “a long time ago” and so Luke’s haircut fits the trend.

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