Peasant Perceptions of Landscape with Stephen Mileson

It is difficult to hear the voice of ordinary people from long ago; but although they left little written record, yet their memory, attitudes and perceptions of the world around them are etched in the landscape. Stephen Mileson helps bring those voices back to life.


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Peasant Perceptions of Landscape by Stephen Mileson and Stuart Brookes

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I loved reading this book (in sneakily advanced format, I am so honoured). It is so hard to get an idea of how ordinary people viewed the word as far ago as Anglo Saxon England, and this book gives a really good idea – and how those perceptions changed over the centuries all the way to 1650, Plus of course – Stephen is studying my ‘hood, beautiful South Oxfordshire. It’s to be published by OUP if you want to have a closer look or buy it, follow the link to OUP.

5 thoughts on “Peasant Perceptions of Landscape with Stephen Mileson

  1. oh, wow, I want this book. I ponder often about the lives of the people we know nothing about. American accent here, but I lived in England for 6 years. I would go to a cathedral, or my small local church, or a stone field fence, and I’d put my hand on an individual stone, and wonder about the man who put it there – what did he wear, look like, eat for breakfast that morning, and so on. I can’t wait to read this.

  2. In order to finish this today, I had to take a second walk after dinner and chapel at school this evening. (Don’t worry, the wife made sure I wore hi-vis.) I couldn’t wait another day to finish this, it was that fascinating. Thank you and Mr. Mileson.

    1. I am more than delighted that we have suceeded in getting you out for a second walk! Very glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for taking the trouble to get in touch

    1. Thanks Chloe. Stephen came down to the parish for a look around the other week too – absolutely fascinating insights into the landscape!

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